# Overview

Welcome to OpenLaw's documentation. Here you'll learn more about OpenLaw, including our protocol with several open source libraries for convenient integration, our markup language, and how our application works in general. You're welcome to help us improve our documentation through the links found at the bottom of each section or by going to our docs repository (opens new window). You can also raise an issue about anything related to our application in our issue tracker repository (opens new window). If you have any general questions, email us at hello@openlaw.io.

# Contracts Are Changing

It is now possible to model all or parts of legal agreements using code (smart contracts), decreasing the cost and friction of creating, securing, and generating binding legal agreements.

# No Comprehensive Tool

Lawyers lack basic tools to build these dynamic, “smart” contracts in a way that is enforceable and understandable to a legal professional.

# OpenLaw Protocol

OpenLaw is building a technology stack to help power next generation "smart" legal agreements. The OpenLaw protocol documentation is intended to provide a resource for developers to build around our open source language and integration APIs.